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Cyprus - Aphrodite's island

One of my favourite family holidays, when the children were young and we were joined by my late mother, was to the Greek part of Cyprus. It was in the early days of its separation from the Turkish side and the south was beginning to welcome tourists while rebuilding the area.

It was such a great time to go, before the tourist trade expanded so much. I’ve had a fascination for Greek mythology since school days so I was immediately captivated by its romance, history and legend. There are so many references to Aphrodite that my imagination was fired and ready to wander among the ruins and beauty spots in the hope that the goddess still walked amongst the locals and tourists.

And so the idea for my first novella featuring Aphrodite and Adonis came to fruition. When originally published by Tirgearr, it soon became three novellas! Each of the stories features a different couple holidaying on the island and all are influenced by Aphrodite and Adonis interfering in their lives.

In The Aphrodite Touch, Carla is hoping her Scottish boyfriend, Jamie, loses some of his inhibitions when they arrive on such a romantic island.

In The Adonis Touch, widowed Kate is trying to decide where her relationship with Mike is headed and if she is ready to love again.

In The Aphrodite Assignment, Bryony is sent to Cyprus on a travel assignment for her holiday company but finds her contact is her sister's ex-boyfriend and her own secret teenage crush.

I had fun writing these light-hearted romances with a touch of fantasy and could picture the mischievous goddess of love and her adored Adonis (as Dita and Donas) interacting with the various couples, much to their bemusement. Not that they know who this beautiful couple really are, although at least one of the females is suspicious!

The three novellas are now available in one volume on Amazon as The Aphrodite and Adonis Touch, offering better value in e-book and print. You can find the links and watch the trailer on the Contemporary Books page.

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