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Venetian Interlude


Scottish art historian Livy arrives in Venice for a short break before picking up a cruise. The last person she expects to meet is Seb, the handsome half Italian, half Scottish guy she first met at university. 

Their unexpected meeting convinces Livy he is the only man she cannot forget. Will it be third time lucky for their relationship as they explore beautiful Venice together before time runs out?

Aphrodite and Adonis Touch (June 2020).j

The Aphrodite & Adonis Touch

Three novellas in one volume!

The mischievous goddess of love, Aphrodite, and her lover, Adonis, play a game with tourists to their Mediterranean island of Cyprus each spring and summer. Choosing a couple who might benefit from their special kind of assistance, they aim to bring prospective lovers closer together, overcoming inhibitions, or fear of commitment.

Follow the stories of Jamie and Carla in The Aphrodite Touch; Katie and Mike in the Adonis Touch; Bryony and Richard in The Aphrodite Assignment.