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Venetian Interlude


Scottish art historian Livy arrives in Venice for a short break before picking up a cruise. The last person she expects to meet is Seb, the handsome half Italian, half Scottish guy she first met at university. 

Their unexpected meeting convinces Livy he is the only man she cannot forget. Will it be third time lucky for their relationship as they explore beautiful Venice together before time runs out?

The Aphrodite & Adonis Touch Series

The first novella in the Aphrodite and Adonis series. The beautiful mythological couple walk amongst visitors to their Mediterranean island, choosing couples who need their special help with love!


Carla and Jamie’s holiday to the romantic Aphrodite’s Island of Cyprus is a turning point. Will it finally lead to the full physical commitment of their love, or prove they have no future together?


But they had reckoned without the intervention of the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis. Will Aphrodite awaken Jamie’s hidden depths and allow him to return the passion that Adonis senses in Carla?


Romance with a touch of fantasy in the beautiful Mediterranean!

The Aphrodite Touch

The second novella in the Aphrodite and Adonis series 


Katie and Mike are enjoying their first holiday away together on Aphrodite’s Island of Cyprus, in separate rooms. But can young widow Katie put the past behind her, let go of her inhibitions and learn to love again? And how long can Mike remain patient to wait for her?


Enter mischievous Aphrodite and sexy Adonis as they watch the new influx of tourists to Paphos, choosing the next couple to benefit from their special help. Will Adonis work his magic touch on Katie so that she finds a deeper love with Mike?

The third novella in the Aphrodite and Adonis series


Bryony Marshall is given the assignment of a lifetime: to check out the new apartments on Aphrodite’s Island of Cyprus, for her travel company. But her contact is Richard Harrison, former teenage crush and her older sister’s ex-fiancé!


Aphrodite and Adonis plan to encourage the budding romance between Bryony and Richard but the goddess Athena brings them unwelcome news: Aphrodite must return to Olympus with the other gods for a council with Zeus. Can they bring the humans together within the limited time left to both couples?

Aphrodite and Adonis Series (2023).jpg

I've now put all three novellas in one volume, Aphrodite and Adonis Series, at only a special £1.99 for the e-book.


The paperback is also available on Amazon.

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