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Creative Success!

It's been a while since I've written a blog post, partly because I've been too busy learning new things via online courses - such as painting and nutrition, as well as lots of writing and marketing workshops. All great fun but it doesn't get my novels written!

However, I've been delighted to see some success with my shorter work, which I've mentioned on my website. The first was a very short story, A Special Day, recorded for the excellent Stories for Lip Reading website, which was fascinating to watch being read. It was a good lesson in how a story needs to be pared down with special attention to names.

Next, my poem, Chocolate Box Memories, was published in an anthology To Dads - with Love. This is special to me as my poem is in memory of my dearest Dad who died suddenly before I reached my teens. The whole collection is in celebration of all kinds of dads from international writers and all proceeds go to a family charity.

The latest success is that one of my historical short stories, A Healing Touch, is published in the current issue of The People's Friend Special magazine (No. 210). As if that wasn't lovely enough, I'm also their Writer of the Week! It's a very good magazine with a world-wide readership and it's an honour to be included.

So rather than worry about not being further on with my novels, I'm celebrating the fact I also love writing shorter fiction, articles and poetry - and some of them even get published.

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