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Free Short Stories for Samhain

Samhain, pronounced Sow-in or Sah-win, is the pagan or Celtic name for Halloween and translates as ‘end of summer’, celebrated on 31st October. It is the old time of year when plants die back, bringing a time of stillness and preparation for the next part of the year.

It is also said to be a time when dead souls have the ability to return, hence the spookier nature of the festival, with guising and trick or treating, but it’s also an ideal opportunity to remember those we have lost.

Whether you celebrate this time of year or not, Samhain is part of the cycle of life as we head into the winter months and can be a time of looking forward to new beginnings when light is born out of darkness.

My little gift is the FREE e-book of twelve of my quirkier stories, End of the Road, which includes light crime, fantasy and dark humour, as well as the spooky story Samhain. You can download it from Amazon UK and Amazon US or wherever you are.



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