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Mum Life Stories

I’m delighted that several of my very short stories are published in this lovely anthology, Mum Life Stories, featuring writers from different parts of the world.

The stories are all to do with the different stages in a mother’s life and are divided into the following sections: Pregnancy; Infancy; Early Childhood, Middle Childhood; Adolescence; Empty Nest, with ten micro-stories of no more than 500 words in each.


One of my stories is included in all but the first section, and I was thrilled my story, Moving On, was the winner for the final theme. It was such fun to write for the different sections and it’s a fabulous anthology to dip into, especially with such a variety of writers, some of whom I recognise.


It’s available in e-book and print, and to make it extra special, the Australian editor, Jo Caddy, is donating £1 Australian dollar from every purchase to support a children’s orphanage in Uganda.


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