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New Year, New Beginnings

I love the start of a new year with all its possibilities and the chance to clear out the old and begin anew. We had a lovely gentle walk amongst nature with our granddaughter and her parents on New Year’s Day, which was ideal as I do like being out and about in natural surroundings and want to explore them even more this year.

One of the things I enjoyed trying for part of last year was keeping a Bullet Journal (as well as other crafts) and it was so much fun that it’s going to be an annual event. Although I’ve made it my desk diary, it’s also an expressive creative tool throughout the year. The photo shows one of my January pages.

You can really make it whatever you like and I’m still feeling my way as to how it will best serve me for recording my year, as well as where I can organise everything from writing goals, to finance, food, gardening and submissions – at the very least.

Most of all, I love being able to add lots of embellishments, such as stickers, illustrations, photos and inspirational quotes. I adore the beautiful variety of washi tape that makes it even prettier. This year, I’m trying the beautiful Journal from the Washi Tape Shop which is great so far.

A new hobby, or procrastination from writing? A bit of both, I think!

Happy New Year!


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