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Summer Break and Free Download

Since I’ve neglected the blog again for a while, I’ve decided to take a proper break for the remainder of the summer and start afresh in autumn – my favourite time of year. We’re looking forward to our daughter’s wedding this week and catching up with family, then we hope to have a short break away ourselves.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying gardening and paper craft as well as writing off and on, but I definitely work best during the cooler months! I had mentioned the possibility of a novella set in Vienna before the end of summer but I’m not happy enough with elements of it just now so will work on that for next spring. Instead, I’m hoping to finish a Victorian Maryanne Mystery set around Halloween.

In other news, I was mentioned in the Bearsden Community Magazine after I adjudicated their inaugural Leela Soma Award.

I’m very pleased that one of my poems, The Monstrous Regiment, is published in the current Last Stanza Poetry Journal, in e-book, paperback and colour-illustrated hardback. I also discovered the very short story that was second in the Ottery Writing Competition is now included in their anthology.

I must mention that fellow writer and excellent editor, Helena Fairfax, has written an essential blog post about the character arc in romance writing. Well worth a read if you’re writing novels.

Finally, for an armchair tour of romantic Venice, I’m gifting a FREE download of my summer novella, Venetian Interlude, from Monday 24th to Friday 28th July.

Will it be third time lucky for old friends, Scottish art historian Olivia and half-Italian Sebastian, when they unexpectedly arrive in Venice at the same time?

Happy Summer!


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