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Things I'm Learning During Lockdown

I’ve been taking the time to try lots of new ventures during this lockdown period, especially since I can’t go anywhere to spend money on transport, dining out and coffees! In between writing, reading, walking and gardening, I love learning new things and organising my work space and files.

Here are some of the ways in which I’ve been expanding my learning, health and well-being while acknowledging some truths.

  • We don’t need as much as we think. It’s been a good time to start going through all my clothes to find a capsule wardrobe as suggested in the Project 333 book by Courtney Carver.

  • I can still bake and it often tastes better than shop-bought cakes!

  • I appreciate my family and friends even more whenever we chat on the phone while we’re unable to visit as much

  • Updating all my social media platforms and taking stock of my writing

  • Decided to stop feeling guilty about updating my old blog so I’ll no longer be posting on it and instead will be using this one on my new website

  • Although it will be good to see family and friends again and go on outings to the coast, I’m happy working from home or in the garden, with daily walks in between

  • I enjoy doing the food shop but don’t miss clothes shops as much as I thought I would

Trying new challenges as follows:

- completed a story summit online conference full of amazing writing/marketing talks and tips

- completed a 30-day online dance/exercise programme and have started a different one

- watched a series of Proven scientific alternative health options

- learning Tai Chi and doing some each day

- signed up for an online digital photography course

There is a wealth of online education, mind, body and spirit courses to suit most tastes and abilities, ranging from free to inexpensive. Life is for living and learning no matter what age or circumstances.

The earth has had a chance to heal while pollution levels decreased. This time will soon pass and hopefully we will be stronger, kinder and less of a consumer society because of it.

Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still.’ Chinese Wisdom

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