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Writing Haiku

One of my favourite forms of poetry is the tiny 3-line Japanese haiku: five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. It’s an excellent lesson, and good practice, in condensing meaningful words. It is written in present tense and usually encapsulates a seasonal moment.


I enjoy taking part in #HaikuSaturday on Twitter (or X) every week when I can, and love to illustrate mine with one of my relevant photos. It’s also a lovely way to ‘meet’ other writers online, to support and encourage each other by liking, retweeting or following.


Here are three of my recent haiku with photos.

the fathomless loch

shivers in silent beauty

awaiting summer.


blue forget me nots

announce spring’s quickening light

dispersing winter.

tranquil pebble shore

sunlight dancing on soft waves,

hiding deep dark depths.


Hope you enjoy writing your own haiku!



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