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Writing into a New Year

Happy New Year!

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, the dawning of a new year is almost a week old, and the food, fridge and freezer are all organised, it’s time to focus on my writing again. If you are aiming to make this the year you start, finish, edit or submit your writing, you might find the following books and information useful.

I’m already committed to redrafting my current novel (that’s been too many years on the go) and hope to finish various other projects that have languished on my computer for over a year, some longer. At the same time, I occasionally like to revisit some of the books and exercises that inspire me to keep going when doubts or procrastination take over, or to explore a new approach.

Useful Writing Books

The Way of the Fearless Writer by Beth Kempton: my newest purchase and well worth it for its different approach to freeing our creativity, influenced by the author’s expertise in Eastern philosophy. I’ll be working my way through the many writing exercises this year.

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brand: this is the original book, written in the 1930s, that helped me focus on being a writer and developing the right mindset at the very beginning.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron: a sort of updated, modernised version of some of Brand’s ideas with lots of helpful suggestions for living a creative life.

On Writing by Stephen King: now a modern classic, filled with valuable insights into his personal life and creativity, plus down to earth advice about the reality of writing.

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott: a different type of personal insight and no nonsense, practical advice on writing and creativity.

Online Resources

The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn’s posts are worth subscribing to for regular information and links on writing and publishing.

David Gaughran: an excellent website with many free resources for writers of all levels.

Here’s to a successful and productive 2023!


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08 de jan. de 2023

Looking forward to reading 'Becoming a Writer' All of the other ones mentioned are great books

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